Why Attend Ticketing Professionals Conference 2022:

The hardest part of going to a conference is to get the approval to book.  Here are some tips to help you:

  • The Ticketing Professionals Australia conference is an opportunity to network with other ticketing professionals from across sports, concerts and theatre.  There is no other opportunity in Australia to do this.

  • The exposure to new technologies and ideas:

    • The Ticketing Professionals Australia conference will have presenters from around the world who are working on new technology. 

    • There are always new things happening in the industry and this will give you exposure to new ideas and industry best practice.

    • The conference will allow you to bring innovative new ideas back to your workplace. 

  • Exciting new vendors:

    • There will be a number of international vendors at the conference, giving you a chance to see demos and talk to representatives from around the world and locally.

    • There will opportunities to see products from many different vendors and find solutions for your organisation

  • Learn from experience:

    • We work in a visible yet hidden industry, where the detail of what we do is unknown to most.  Let’s build a formal community to not only develop our own skills but to build skills and a career path for the industry. 

Expand your networks through interaction with your peers from across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.