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Ticketing Professionals Australia was formed in January 2017 over conversations in a hotel bar in

New Orleans. Angela and Jo were the only Aussie delegates at INITX’s Annual Conference, joining

over 900 people from 17 countries to discuss the industry.

Recognising an opportunity to enhance professional understanding and growth in the Asia Pacific

region closer to home, the time was right to revive the Ticketing Professionals Conference,

founded in 2005 by the late Tim Roberts and the NARPACA (Stage Qld) team.

Working with the Ticketing Professionals Conference UK international team and the INTIX board,

the first conference was presented in November 2019 at Bankwest Stadium Parramatta.

After an enforced hiatus, Ticketing Professionals is back in November 2022

Angela Higgins Angela Gahan

Angela Higgins (formerly Gahan) is the Managing Director and founder of specialist consultancy, Antix Management. 

Angela formed Antix Management in 2007 to support international and domestic producers with sales and ticketing strategy for live events across Australia and New Zealand including Disney Theatrical Productions, Cameron Mackintosh Ltd and the Michael Cassel Group, Louise Withers and Associates, TEG Dainty and NewTheatricals.

Prior to forming Antix Management, Angela held positions with Disney Theatrical Productions, Backrow Productions and Ticketek Pty Ltd.


With more than 20 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, Angela is recognised for her deep industry knowledge, global connections and data-driven insights on the Australian and New Zealand markets. She is regularly called upon for comment on the live events scene, presenting at local and international conferences on themes including ‘The last two per cent’ and ‘Nurturing generation next’.


In 2017, Angela co-founded Mission Tickets, to drive innovation in live event ticketing sales and strategy and support education of ticketing professionals across Australia, New Zealand & Asia-Pacific markets. In 2018 Mission Tickets collaborated with The Australian Council for the Arts on the annual Marketing, Communications and Ticketing Summit and in 2019 will re-establish the Ticketing Professionals Australia Conference.

Jo Michel

With more than 20 years’ experience in the Ticketing Industry in Australia and UK, Jo has gathered a wealth of knowledge of Ticketing, CRM, Subscriptions, Fundraising, E-Marketing and CMS as they apply to venues, festivals, agencies and theatre companies.

Jo has had the pleasure of working with many prestigious organisations during her career, including Brisbane Festival, Sydney Theatre Company, Edinburgh International Festival & Hub Tickets, Firstcall Australia & UK, Ticketmaster, Ensemble Theatre, Sydney Film Festival, SOCOG – Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival, Australian Opera and The Adelaide Fringe.

As a consultant, Jo has worked with many organisations to utilise best practise with their software solutions.In addition, Jo has experience of the Software side of the industry having been a Project Manager with Priava, Sales Manager with AudienceView and Business Development Manager with Enta Australasia. In these roles, Jo was responsible for Client Liaison, Business Development, System Planning and Change Management.

In the course of her career Jo has developed an in-depth understanding of many ticketing, event management and CRM systems, and has worked with over 10 including Enta, AudienceView, Patronbase, Seat Advisor, SG_Enterprise (SRO), Softix (Ticketek), Ticketmaster,, Tessitura, Priava, Artifax and Via (Red61).