Ticketing Professionals Australia Scholarships

We will be offering 2 scholarships for the Ticketing Professionals Conference 2019.  These scholarships are to honour 2 great leaders in the Ticketing industry in Australia, Pat Boggs OAM and Tim Roberts. 

  • Each Scholarship provides one Full Conference Registration and 1 nights’ accommodation for 1 delegate

  • Scholarship applications close 5pm on Friday 9 August 2019

  • Recipients will be announced on Friday 30 August 2019 at www.ticketingprofessionals.com.au/conference 

Pat Boggs OAM Scholarship

Pat Boggs OAM is a pioneer of the ticketing world. Pat oversaw ticket sales and operations for many of Australia’s leading venues and major productions. She worked on over 140 shows in her career, spanning over 5 decades. Pat is famous for the dedication and passion she applied to every production, and her commitment to ensuring full houses and securing the best possible outcome for both the producer and the audience.

Two of Pat’s most famous sayings were “People who never make mistakes, don’t do any work” and “there are no problems only solutions”.


Tim Roberts Scholarship (sponsored by Stage Queensland)

Tim Roberts was one of our finest Arts Administrators who during his 20 year career worked across Australia, NZ and Europe sharing his passion for CRM and Audience development.

Tim was instrumental in establishing the first Ticketing Professionals Conference with Stage Queensland (formerly NARPACA) and was passionate about introducing people to our industry.

  • To apply for the Tim Roberts Scholarship, you should be attending your first Ticketing Conference and tell us the one thing that you want to learn from the experience.

  • Apply Here for the Tim Roberts Scholarship

Linda Forlini Industry Pass (1 full 2 day Registration)

Linda Forlini from Ticket Philadelphia is a great friend and colleague. Linda is an INTIX Board Alumni & Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Linda believes in the International Ticketing community and wants to provide an opportunity a new starter in our Industry.

  • Linda has provided one Registration for someone who is in their first 3 years of working in Ticketing and is someone who wants to make it their career.

  • To apply for Linda’s Industry Pass – tell us why you have chosen a career in Ticketing and what you can learn from attending the conference.

  • Apply here for Linda Forlini's Industry Pass